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There are approximately 25 million boilers in operation in the UK. in recent years there is a marked move towards high efficiency boilers and combination boilers that provide efficient heating for the home for domestic hot water.

Heating & Plumbing Central specialise in all makes of domestic boilers. We offer boiler installations and boiler replacement through a team of highly skilled engineers, as well as boiler servicing and boiler repair services.

Our Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) registered plumbers and heating engineers are experienced in boiler repair on all types of gas boilers and central heating systems.

Since the introduction of the first combi boiler in the 1970s the heating industry has moved a long way, introducing high efficiency boilers (With efficiency rating of up to 94%). 

Heating & Plumbing Central's plumbing and heating team has developed a strong expertise in high efficiency boilers and central heating systems, which includes breakdown repair as well as full system designs and installations. Our engineers install all the leading boilers in the UK and are approved installers by both Vaillant and Worcester Bosch, allowing us to offer our customers 5 years manufacturers guaranatee on installations.

Boiler Breakdowns and Boiler Repairs

When our Gas Safe registered engineers attend a boiler breakdown they go through a rigorous fault finding process, to diagnose the problem with your boiler.

The boiler testing cycle is designed to idetify the root of the fault. As part of examining the boiler and the connections to it, the plumber will check:

  • Flow and return pipes (to/from the boiler)
  • Boiler flame firing
  • Flue positioning and heat
  • Lockout on the boiler
  • FCU fuse (power to system)
  • Boiler Controls (programmers, thermostats)
  • Boiler pump
  • System pressure

Boiler Replacements

Heating & Plumbing Central specialise in installing and replacing boilers. Our Gas Safe (Corgi) engineers will size the right boiler for you, based on your needs. They will source the most appropriate model for you and install it quickly and efficiently.

Boiler installations can vary between types of boiler and the specific set up in each boiler installation. For a straightforward replacement of a typical combi boiler, we have drawn this check list for a typical combi boiler supply and installation:

  • Old combi Boiler and flue – drain and remove
  • Supply and fit new combi boiler and flue
  • Flow and return pipe-work to combi boiler – alter existing as required
  • Existing hot and cold water pipes connecting to boiler – make alterations as required
  • Combi Boiler condensate discharge pipe-work – install new
  • Install new timer
  • Power-flush the system and put inhibitor
  • Electric wiring to combi boiler – connect as per instructions
  • Issue certificate and notify Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) – as per regulations
  • Remove old combi boiler and other rubbish to leave area clean

Boiler Manufacturers' specific instructions may have more steps to follow, but the above provides a good overview of the general tasks involved in a typical combi boiler replacement. For more advice on boiler types, visit Tips on Boilers.

Introducing High Efficiency Boilers

The most important advance in recent years with regards to domestic boilers has been the introduction of the condensing boiler. The condensing boiler manages to recover a substantial amount of the heat that would otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere from the flue of a standard (non-condensing) boiler.

The vast majority of plumbers and heating engineers in the UK only install condensing boilers these days. Most of our plumbers actually admit that within this category, most boilers sold are indeed Combi boilers.
An extra-large heat exchanger within the boiler is used to reclaim the heat from the expelled hot gases. This way the system maximises heat transfer from the burner while recovering useful heat that would normally be lost with the flue gases.


<p><em>This page has been written with contributions from experienced plumbers from <a href="/boilers/plumbers/uk/northamptonshire">Northamptonshirea> and heating engineers from <a href="/boilers/plumbers/uk/lancashire/bolton">Boltona>. Several of the company's plumbers from <a href="/boilers/plumbers/uk/berkshire">Berkshirea> have worked on similar issues as well as some of our qualified plumbers from <a href="/boilers/plumbers/uk/hertfordshire/barnet">Barneta> and our <a href="/boilers/plumbers/uk/london/battersea">Batterseaa> Gas Safe engineers.em>p>

This page has been written with contributions from experienced plumbers from Northamptonshire and heating engineers from Bolton. Several of the company's plumbers from Berkshire have worked on similar issues as well as some of our qualified plumbers from Barnet and our Battersea Gas Safe engineers.