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Our team of nation wide boiler and central heating engineers ensures we can attand to our customers repidly and cost-effectively.

Heating Central provides a wide range of boiler installation services through a carefully selected team of Gas Safe registered plumbers and heating engineers with many years of boiler installations experience.

Boiler installations require expertise and experience, particularly when sizing the right boiler for the job and designing the right solution for your home.


Boiler Replacement Steps

Boiler installations vary between boilers subject to the specific set up in each house. For a straightforward replacement of a typical combi boiler, we have drawn this check list for a combi boiler supply and installation:

  • Old combi Boiler and flue – drain and remove
  • Supply and fit new combi boiler and flue
  • Flow and return pipe-work to combi boiler – alter existing as required
  • Existing hot and cold water pipes connecting to boiler – make alterations as required
  • Combi Boiler condensate discharge pipe-work – install new
  • Install new timer
  • Power-flush the system and put inhibitor
  • Electric wiring to combi boiler – connect as per instructions
  • Issue certificate and notify Corgi – as per regulations
  • Remove old combi boiler and other rubbish to leave area clean

Boiler Manufacturers' specific instructions may have more steps to follow, but the above provides a good overview of the general tasks involved in a typical combi boiler replacement. For more advice on boiler types, visit Tips on Boilers.

Heating Central Offers:

  • Local Boiler Experts - our network covers the entire country and we will assign a local boiler expert to visit you normally within the same day or the next day.
  • Free quotes - Heating Central offer free quotes for boiler replacements and installations.
  • Customer Feedback - our plumbers and heating engineers are constantly evaluated based on customer feedback.

This page has been written with contributions from Gas Safe engineers from London and heating engineers from Wimbledon. Several of the company's experienced plumbers from Berkshire have worked on similar issues as well as some of our experienced heating engineers from Clapham and our Finsbury Park qualified plumbers.