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Save Water, Save Energy, Save the Planet

Recently the discussion around climate change has also highlighted another potential looming problem. Shortage of clean drinking water. Population growth, development and progress is normally linked to increased use of clean water which in itself puts extra pressure on the delicate balance on our planet.

It is incredibly popular in today's culture to save energy and reduce a person's carbon footprint.  Residents of the United Kingdom are trying to out "green" each other in an effort to show that they are saving more power than their friends and colleagues.  Energy saving ideas are traded the way recipes, money saving ideas and home improvement tips were once traded. 

Today, people trade carbon footprint reduction tips just like they used to share cooking ideas or repair hints.  It is surprising that with all the attention that people are placing on saving energy that water is still being wasted in vast amounts.  Even the residents who have tiny carbon footprints seem to have failed to understand that it is just as important to save water as well!

Did you know that the fresh water resources in the United Kingdom will most likely run out within the next thirty to forty years causing major water shortages? That seems highly unlikely because of how much rain the United Kingdom receives every year but there are experts who insist that the fresh water resources are not as vast as they originally thought.  It is now a fact that both Syria and the Sudan have more fresh water available than the United Kingdom, and these are parts of the world that are known for their arid climates and droughts!

What makes this hard to understand is that it is very easy to not waste water.  It is not hard to just turn the sink's faucets off when they are not being used.  You should only use water to rinse off your toothbrush or when you need to fill your water cup.  It does not need to run while the toothbrush is in your mouth or you are rinsing out your mouth.  Most dishwashers have a "water saver" function built into its mechanism. 

Even a five minute shower can waste more than one hundred litres of water!  Wait until there are enough clothes or dishes to fill a load before you run the washing machine or dishwasher.  If you like cold water, keep a pitcher of water in your refrigerator instead of running the water until it reaches your desired level of coldness.  Don't over water your yard.  These are just a few easy ways to save water.

The amount of water a person uses in a day can be reduced by leaps and bounds and it should be.  Water is essential to the survival of all living creatures.  Fresh water is a resource that should not be taken for granted.  It is just as easy to conserve water as it is to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint.  Remember, it is just as important to save water as it is to save power!

This page has been written with contributions from experienced plumbers from Oxfordshire and heating engineers from Milton Keynes. Several of the company's plumbing and heating engineers from Middlesex have worked on similar issues as well as some of our Gas Safe engineers from Barnet and our Orpington experienced heating engineers.

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