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Fireplace Tips - How to Find and Install the Right Fireplace for You

More and more homeowners are choosing to install fireplaces today, and there are fireplaces for every type of home.  Fireplaces are available in many colors and are often a combination of traditional and modern styles. 

Some homeowners opt to purchase a fireplace that is delivered to their doorstep and then fit the components together with a screwdriver in about sixty minutes, and others choose to remodel an existing fireplace or build a new fireplace in their home.  Many of us try to save money on home projects, but be careful not to waste money by deciding to buy a less costly fireplace that may end up being a disappointment.

A fireplace with a flue and chimney adds old-fashioned charm to your home, but you must be aware that it can be an inefficient source of heat.  While your fire burns, only a portion of the heat actually warms your home because much of the heat rises up the chimney, and some of the air already warmed by your home heating system will be lost as it travels up the chimney, too.  You will need to determine how to operate your homes heating to work with your fireplace heat for the most effective and eco-friendly heating.

Chimneys allow warm air from your home to escape even when you are not using your fireplace, and the flue serves as an entrance in to your home for cold downdraughts.  Fireplace shields are one way to avoid losing your homes heated air and allowing cold air to enter your home when you are not using your fireplace.  You can also install a fireplace with glass doors for the same protection.

Cast-iron plates situated at the back of a firebox reflect the fires heat into the room, making your fire more energy efficient and decreasing the amount of energy required for your fireplace and home heating unit.  Fireplaces that do not require chimneys eliminate the concern of warm air loss, but you will need to control the heat in other parts of your home in order to prevent significant differences in temperatures throughout your house.

The real flame fireplace is a popular choice for many because it does not generate soot or ashes, making it simple to keep clean.  Propane, wood-burning, electric, and gas fireplaces are some other choices.  While many homeowners would like a brick fireplace, these fireplaces are often quite expensive.  One alternative for those that have a brick fireplace is to use a gas or electric insert, which is placed in the firebox of the brick fireplace.  These inserts are easier to manage and control than traditional brick fireplaces.

This page has been written with contributions from qualified plumbers from Buckinghamshire and plumbers from Highgate. Several of the company's experienced heating engineers from Kent have worked on similar issues as well as some of our experienced plumbers from Watford and our High Wycombe Gas Safe engineers.

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