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The Many Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Most homeowners tend to overlook the many ways in which they can save money and energy with a programmable thermostat.  Many of us are being encouraged by environmental groups to make a positive change by going more 'green'. What better way to make a start then by purchasing a programmable thermostat? Installing programmable thermostats are a great way to make a start on those energy savings.

What is the main difference between a non-programmable and a programmable thermostat?

A non-programmable thermostat stays at the same temperature the whole day, whereas the programmable thermostat has the flexibility of changing the set temperature at predetermined times during the day. You can be more relaxed with a  programmable thermostat as you do not need to worry about adjusting its setting before leaving the house or before going to sleep.

Programmable thermostats provide you with all the comfort you need, whilst maximising energy savings. It can provide you with warmth in the main living areas and then reduce the temperature during the day saving on energy. In other words, if you are looking to have a more convenient lifestyle, then programmable thermostats might just be for you.

Greater Lifestyle

Programmable thermostats offer you the chance to control the way you wish to heat your house. For example, if you are going to work you can lower the temperature setting and have it set to kick back an hour before you return. This gives you the added flexibility to save energy while you're gone, but also allow you to return to a nice warm home.

Substantial Winter Savings

During the winter months many homeowners find their heating bills going through the roof. Fortunately with programmable thermostats, homeowners do not have to struggle so much. If the homeowners set their programmable thermostats properly, they can reap huge energy savings. It has been advised that to take full advantage of the energy-saving benefits, homeowners should turn their thermostats back 10 to 15 percent for eight hours, while away at work or asleep at night. The homeowner will be  able to save up to 10 percent on annual energy bills.

Picking the right programmable thermostat

There are a wide range of programmable thermostats available and it is important to choose the one that will be most suited to your needs. They can allow for either one or two adjustments a day or multiple changes over the week. When choosing which programmable thermostat to go for, you should first determine the temperature setbacks you want for your home and the simplest thermostat that will fulfil that need. You also need to ensure that the thermostat will be compatible with your home's heating system. Furthermore, if you have a cooling system, you need to make sure that the programmable thermostat will control both the heating and the cooling. Also note that the location of your thermostat can affects its performance and efficiency.

This page has been written with contributions from experienced plumbers from Essex and plumbing and heating engineers from Croydon. Several of the company's plumbers from Merseyside have worked on similar issues as well as some of our experienced heating engineers from Notting Hill and our Barnes qualified plumbers.

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