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Leak Prevention in the Bathroom

Many people are nowadays going for wetroom floors and non-enclosed shower closures. This has intrigued many industry experts who wander why trays and enclosures were even invented in the first place.

Many homeowners face the problem of experiencing leakage in their bathrooms. With the introduction of power showers and shower heads, this problem has only increased. It all comes down to individual preference. Some homeowners simply prefer the style of a wetroom. If you are one of these homeowners. then you should install tanking to prevent water seeping through the floors to the ceilings below. The trays can then be inset to sit level with floor surfaces.

It is importance to strike the right balance between fashion and practicality. If you are more attracted to the fashion side of things then you are probably interested in going for a shower enclosure which is frameless. There are many suppliers out there that offer a wide range of products which minimise frames.

Dangers of leaking

Taking everything into consideration, it is essential that leakage be prevented. Otherwise the widespread destruction could be unstoppable. Your carpets could be ruined as well as your other decor and furnishings. Furthermore you are likely to experience musty smells, and all sorts of other inconvenience such as replacement work.

You should note that shower enclosures, as fashionable as they can be, do not completely prevent leaks. The small square at the bottom corner where a hinged edge meets the tray or floor is the most vulnerable point.

One option is to use seals. However this option is not the most favourable for the homeowner as they have to usually be flexible so that the doors can move, and water collecting there can actually seem to be sucked out because of its own surface tension. You will also find the same problem with using bath screens. The combination of flexible seals and flat surfaces and the small gaps allow bits of water to get through.

Can silicon sealants be a good alternative ?

It is not highly recommended for homeowners to use silicon sealants. Silicon sealants are not very reliable as they can be highly prone to mould growth and discolouration. In addition, they are also prone to being affected by the shifting weight of shower users, or by slight movements in the building itself, which can cause them to become detached from their anchorage.

Consider all your options properly

It is advisable in the current climate to shop around and explore all the options before making your final purchase. Many suppliers will claim all at once that their products are the most user-friendly and easiest to install. However, it is clear that some screens and enclosures are far better than others. It is better to purchase something that will suit you for many years to come, rather than getting lulled into a false sense of security.

This page has been written with contributions from experienced plumbers from London and experienced heating engineers from Shepherds Bush. Several of the company's plumbing and heating engineers from Northamptonshire have worked on similar issues as well as some of our plumbers from Bayswater and our Muswell Hill qualified plumbers.

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