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Give Youngsters a Better Chance through Education

Apprentices are a key to a successful and sustainable industry, according to one of our plumbers in Croydon. Not only do they bring in fresh energy (and admittedly at quite low cost), but they also ensure there is continuity and regeneration of the industry for future years. Apprentices can seem like a major investment for a small company. They require administrative set up, they require support, they go on to sit exams and they make mistakes. But they also bring in a lot of enthusiasm, curiosity and after the initial investment they contribute at good technical level and at a fraction of the cost of a seasoned plumber or engineer.

Recent focus groups held by parents in Croydon show a worrying picture. According to the exercise, conducted by Parentline Plus, children as young as 11 are getting involved in violent drug gangs. Many of them were joining gangs after starting secondary school to avoid becoming victims of violent youths.

Deprived areas typically create pockets of such aggressive youth who eventually get dragged into the wrong side of the tracks, following yobs in order to fit in. Domestic violence and broken homes are another factor which contributes to this vicious circle.

Although apprenticeships are not a magic bullet and should not be used a fig leaf to solve social shortcomings, they can form part of a balanced solution. Youths can expect to get out of a downward spiral if they can see a stable career, being treated with respect and a future income stream that is purely dependant on their drive and motivation. Giving these youngsters a chance to put a foot on the ladder towards financial and personal independence will also keep them away from negative influences and bring in badly needed fresh blood into the industry.

This page has been written with contributions from Gas Safe engineers from Buckinghamshire and experienced plumbers from Westminster. Several of the company's plumbers from Berkshire have worked on similar issues as well as some of our plumbing and heating engineers from Hampstead and our Ealing heating engineers.

Posted : Friday 9th December 2011