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In order to keep your boiler in mint condition and ensure you have hot water and heating when you need it, it is highly recommended to service your boiler on a yearly basis. A boiler that is services annually is more reliable, more efficienct and is less likely to cuase  a carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our Gas Safe registered plumbers and heating engineers have years of boiler service experience. They will service your boiler efficiently and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Heating Central's engineers specialise in installing and serving boilers by the UK's leading brands, including Worcester Bosch and Vaillant. Furthermore, we offer a free extended 5 year warranty on installation of those boilers.

Our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered (previously CORGI) and are experienced in boiler service and boiler repair on all types of gas boiler and central heating systems.

Heating Central's plumbing and heating team has developed a strong expertise in high efficiency boilers and central heating systems, which includes breakdown repair as well as full system designs and installations.


Boiler Service - Key Steps

A professional boiler service by an experienced gas engineer is key in safeguarding your boiler and ensuring it is efficient and safe. A boiler that is serviced annually will be working to the specifications designed by the boiler manufacturer and guarantee your peace of mind. This will help prolong the life of the boiler as well as reduce the risk of faults and expensive repairs down the line.

A detailed boiler service will include inspection of the gas pipe work, ventilation, clearances etc. The system is then inspected, cleaned and reassembled. The operation of the boiler functions are then inspected for safe and correct operation.

boiler_breakdown_repair_by_plumber04_400Boiler Annual Service Procedure

This is a typical check list for an annual boiler service. Preliminary examination:

  • Boiler location - is it suitable?
  • Any visual damage on the boiler?
  • Correct operation – check that the boiler operates correctly, including consumer controls and safety devices
  • Flame – is it burning as per the spec?
  • Electrical wiring – check they complies with electrical regulations
  • Near environment – ensure clearances from combustible materials
  • Gas supply pipe work – ensure correct installation and clearances
  • Room ventilation – ensure sufficient ventilation
  • Full service procedure:
  • Main boiler burners – remove, clean and inspect condition
  • Boiler gas injectors – clean and inspect conditions
  • Pilot assembly – dismantle and clean pilot assembly (including gas injector)
  • Heat exchanger – clean and check condition
  • Check boiler parts for gas leaks (case and seals)
  • Thermocouple – check condition
  • Measure gas pressure and flow rate, and adjust if necessary
  • Flue - inspect for faults
  • Assemble all boiler parts back and test operation

Manufacturers' specific instructions may have more steps to follow. A proper boiler service takes at least an hour. A gas fire, although appearing to be a simpler appliance, usually takes around the same amount of time because the flue/chimney system needs especially thorough checking.

Boiler Service Experts

  • Local Boiler Experts - our team covers the entire country and we will assign a local boiler expert to visit you normally within the same day or the next day.
  • Rapid Response - Heating Central's engineers are booked for local jobs, ensuring rapid response.
  • Customer Feedback - our plumbers and heating engineers are constantly evaluated based on customer feedback.

This page has been written with contributions from plumbers from London and experienced plumbers from Clapham. Several of the company's heating engineers from Oxfordshire have worked on similar issues as well as some of our qualified plumbers from Kensington and our Balham Gas Safe engineers.