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Tips on Central Heating Systems


Given our nationwide network of heating and plumbing engineers, we have come across many questions during our customer interaction. Heating Central is a leading installer of high efficiency boilers and central heating systems in the UK.

Our central heating installation experts have come across many questions and queries over the years that relate tips on Central Heating Systems.

The list below summarises the most common tips and queries we are being asked along with some best practice on energy preservation and cost savings.


Can I Make Cost Savings with My Heating System?

There are many steps you can take to reduce your heating bills, some of which are very simple and require no financial expenditure. The simplest way of reducing your heating bill is to reduce the temperature in your room thermostat by 1c. Although it sounds like too small a change to make an impact, the truth is that it will reduce your heating bills by up to 10%.

What is a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve)?trv_homepage_1

Most radiators these days come with a preinstalled thermostatic radiator valve. The valve allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms. The thermostatic radiator valve typically has a range of temperatures that goes up to 22c.

For proper operation of the TRV, it is important to ensure it is not obstructed by curtains or furniture, to allow it to read the room temperature accurately, and ensure it shuts the radiator down if the room has reached the preset temperature to conserve energy and cost.

I Can’t Get the Heating Right, Some Rooms are Too Hot and Others Too Cold, What do You Suggest?

It can get quite difficult to get the balance right with a single room temperature (normally positioned in the hallway). In order to adjust the right temperature for each room, it is recommend installing thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) which allow you to set different temperature in different rooms. This way you can have a hot bathroom and cool bedroom preset individually.

The Radiator is not Working Properly and Seems to be Cold at the Top and Hot at the Bottom, What do You Suggest?

Most likely there is air in the heating system, and the radiator needs bleeding. You need to get a bleeding key (in most DIY stores), and bleed the air out of the radiator. It is important to make sure that the system is turned off when doing it.

What is an Unvented Hot Water Cylinder?

Unvented cylinders, also called "Pressurised" cylinders are an excellent way of storing your domestic hot water, and delivering it to the user at a mains pressure. This bypasses the problem of lack of pressure in the hot taps and in the shower. Furthermore, because there is no need for cold water tank in the loft, it frees up space in the loft.

Because unvented cylinders handle high pressure, they have a pre-installed set of check and pressure control valves to protect them against too much pressure building up. Your approved heating engineer will make sure that the unveneted cylinder has been installed according to the regulations.

Are There Any Government Grants to Help Install Energy Efficient Heating?

There are grants that are offered by the government, local utility companies and local authorities to help with the cost of installation of energy saving systems and reduce carbon emissions. For further information, visit our page on government grants for installing energy efficient boilers and central heating systems. For more information on the government's boiler scrappage scheme visit the Energy Savings Trust.

This page has been written with contributions from Gas Safe engineers from Hertfordshire and plumbers from Hendon. Several of the company's experienced heating engineers from Merseyside have worked on similar issues as well as some of our experienced plumbers from Orpington and our Uxbridge qualified plumbers.