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How to Buy a Boilerbaxi_duotec

Choosing the right boiler for your home is critical to get the most out of your heating system while keeping the costs down and the temperature indoors just right when it is cold outside.

Heating and Plumbing Central works closeley with a range of leading manufacturers of high efficiency condensing boilers and Combi boilers. We are an Accredited installer for Worcester Bosch and Vaillant, who both came joint first place brand in a boilers survey by WHICH? magazine.

The boilers are installed by a carefully selected team of Gas Safe registered plumbers and heating engineers with many years of condensing boilers and combi boilers installations and service experience.

Our Corgi registered plumbers and heating engineers can help you choose and design the most appropriate and cost effective boiler and central heating solution for your home.

Our Corgi registered engineers are experienced in High Efficiency boilers repair and installations of all the leading brands of Combi boilers and condensing boilers and can help you through the process.

What Type and What Size of Boiler Do I Need?

Calculating the size of the required boiler needs to be done carefully, taking into account the size and the layout of the property, the number of rooms and bathrooms, the profile of hot water usage and many other parameters.

Your plumber or heating engineer will be able to calculate accurately what type and size of boiler you actually need to install.

What is a High Efficiency Boiler?ariston_clas_heboiler_01

The most important advance in recent years with regards to domestic boilers has been the introduction of the condensing boiler. The condensing boiler manages to recover a substantial amount of the heat that would otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere from the flue of a standard (non-condensing) boiler.

The vast majority of plumbers and heating engineers in the UK only install condensing boilers these days. Most of our plumbers actually admit that within this category, most boilers sold are indeed Combi boilers.

An extra-large heat exchanger within the boiler is used to reclaim the heat from the expelled hot gases. This way the system maximises heat transfer from the burner while recovering useful heat that would normally be lost with the flue gases.