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80 percent of all boilers repaired on first visit, quality of service, great customer feedback

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Vaillant, Viessmann, Worcester BoschJust around the corner, Heating and Plumbing Central, are accredited Gas Safe Engineers (previously Corgi) with over 30 years experience in the repair and installation of all makes of gas boilers, commercial or domestic. 80% of all boilers repaired on the first Visit. Thousands of satisfied customers, 65% regular customers. Voted Best Company for Customer Care.When you call Heating and Plumbing Central on 020 8099 7576 you get:

  • Appointments made at a time to suit the customer
  • Fast and Efficient Service
  • Minimum 12 months no-nonsense warranty on new boiler installations
  • Local Gas Safe registered engineers (previously CORGI)
  • Speak to a Gas Engineer directly
  • Great customer feedback

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1

Tel: 0800 298 5004

Description: With over 30 years experience in the plumbing and heating sector, the company carries out a wide range of jobs. Based in Bournemouth we offer bathroom refurbishments from start to finish and offer a design and install service for heating systems. The company installs mains pressure (unvented) cylinders, gas boilers and undertakes power flushing of central heating systems. All work is guaranteed and certified.

Specialities: High Efficiency Boilers

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The concept of underfloor heating was developed 2,000 years ago when the early Romans used furnaces in cellars and other open spaces underneath floors to warm their ground floors.  This ancient home heating technique has evolved into the water- and electricity-based underfloor heating that so many homeowners are using and enjoying today. Underfloor heating works with a combination of radiant and convection heat.  Electric heating cables or water pipes carrying warm water from a boiler system are buried in the floors structure.  The radiant heat from the cables or pipes travels in rays until it encounters the floor, and the floor then becomes warm.  The heat from the floor converts into convection heat as it travels into the air, expands, and rises.  This convection heat warms the air as it proceeds up to the ceiling.  With underfloor heating, the warmest air is in the lower part of the room because the heat moves from the floor to the ceiling.  Heating from a radiator works only by...

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Part L of the Building Regulations To Help Fight Climate Change

In 2005 the Building Regulations introduced the new Part L demanding all new boilers installed to be categorized as high efficiency systems. This includes condensing boilers and combination (also known as combi) boilers which use a secondary heat exchanger (or an extra large single heat exchanger) to recoup the heat that would otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere via the boiler flue. The new Building Regulations Part L also called for heating controls, system insulation and hot water cylinders among other components to improve their respective energy efficiency levels. The new requirements are much more demanding than previously in terms of the professional level of the system designer, the installer and the service engineer. The new systems are more integrated than old systems as all components are specifically designed to provide the right output (in terms of power) or demand the right input (such as in the case of heating controls). The engineer has to have good understandin...

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