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Plumbers Camberwell, London, SE5

Just around the corner, Heating and Plumbing Central, are accredited Gas Safe Engineers (previously Corgi) with over 30 years experience in the repair and installation of all makes of gas boilers, commercial or domestic. 80% of all boilers repaired on the first Visit. Thousands of satisfied customers, 65% regular customers. Voted Best Company for Customer Care.

When you call Heating and Plumbing Central on 020 8099 7576 you get:
  • Appointments made at a time to suit the customer
  • Fast and Efficient Service
  • Minimum 12 months no-nonsense warranty on new boiler installations
  • Local Gas Safe registered engineers (previously CORGI)
  • Speak to a Gas Engineer directly
  • Great customer feedback

Camberwell Heating and Plumbing Engineers

Location: Camberwell, London, SE5

Tel: 0800 131 3830

Description: Based in Camberwell we are your local plumbing and heating engineering company that you can trust. Our plumbers carry out all central heating jobs, such as boiler exchanges, full central heating system upgrades, as well as plumbing jobs (hot water cylinder replacement, bathroom installations) and much more. You can be assured your job is carried out to the highest standard by professional plumbers with a strong track record.

Specialities: Solar Thermal, Part P Electrician, High Efficiency Boilers


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