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Since their introduction to the UK market in the 1970s central heating systems have evolved substantially. There are now conventional system, as well as combination boiler set-ups working all around the nation.

Heating Central provides a wide range of central heating service and installation services through a carefully selected team of Gas Safe registered plumbers and heating engineers with many years of central heating experience.

Our Gas Safe (previously Corgi) registered plumbers and heating engineers are experienced in central heating service and installation on all types of boilers and central heating systems.

The Most Common Central Heating Systems

In order to address the various types of heating systems in the UK, the boilers are normally grouped into three main groups:

  • Combination - combi boilers
  • Regular boilers (also referred to as ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ boilers)
  • System boilers

The Appropriate Central Heating System for the Job


The following review, which was developed with experienced plumbers, shows a few typical scenarios and the type of boiler that is most appropriate for them.

However, it is highly recommended to discuss your specific situation with an expert plumber or heating engineer from our network to help and design the perfect combination of boiler and heating systems for your specific needs

What Type of Boiler is Right for Me? 

There are broadly two types of popular boiler setups:

Combi Boiler
  • Loft space is important, you would like to free up space for storage or loft conversion
  • Your property is small, you live in a flat, space is at a premium
  • You do not have a loft and are looking to replace your boiler
  • You already have an old Combi boiler and you are looking to replace it
  • You are looking for a small boiler to fit in the kitchen
System / Conventional Boiler    
  • Your property has 2 or more bathrooms
  • The mains pressure in your property is low
  • You have an old gravity fed system that requires a new boiler
  • There is a large demand for hot water in your household
  • You have a large house with 5 or more bedrooms and 2 or more bathrooms



Radiators are designed to transfer the heat from the boiler to the room by ‘radiating’ the heat into the room environment.

Typically radiators are made of sealed, normally flat, metal container, which houses the water pumped by the central heating system.

The environment around the radiator heats up thus transferring the heat into the room

Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)

Most modern radiators come with a TRV, which lets you control the temperature on an individual level in each room.

The thermostatic radiator valve typically has a range of temperatures up to 22c.


This page has been written with contributions from plumbing and heating engineers from Essex and Gas Safe engineers from Edgware. Several of the company's experienced heating engineers from Buckinghamshire have worked on similar issues as well as some of our plumbers from Hampstead and our Epsom experienced plumbers.